Shady Creek Miniature Herefords

How we got started!

We are a middle aged couple who were seeking a project to keep us occupied in our semi retirement/retirement. So we purchased a pretty 40 acre block with a nice Harkaway home on it at Nilma, which is 5 minutes out on the east side of Warragul. It is wonderful farming country with good soils for growing grass. Some friends thought we were crazy taking on so much more work!

So with Dianne and her farming background while growing up and Brian’s handyman skills we started our new project. Sheds were built and a second hand tractor was purchased to complement Dianne’s Fathers old fergie from Mount Best days. Mount Best is in South Gippsland and where Dianne’s parents had their 160 acre beef and sheep farm.

We then had to decide on what to have on the 40 acres. Hazel nuts? Sheep? Alpacas? Store cattle? Murray Greys? were some of the ideas that came and went. Finally and bearing in mind we are not “spring chickens”, the idea of smaller cattle was appealing. So what breed? After a visit to Alison Livermore and John Murphy’s Winswood Miniature Herefords at Narn Nar Goon and Boomer Creek Miniature Herefords in Tasmania we decide on Herefords. They really are a good looking animal, all a little different with their red and white markings.